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If you are an Agent and have multiple properties, send us an Agent Submittal Form. Or if you are an Agency, send us an Agency Submittal Form

Add Property

Click “Add Property” at the top of the screen.

Enter Accommodation Name in “Title” field. (We suggest you include the property’s city or location.)

Enter Address. Street, city, state, ZIP, country (if needed), each separated with commas.

Add Photos/Video

Click UPLOAD IMAGE button to add pictures. This is how your pictures get connected to your listing. (Note: This is the ONLY button to use to upload images for your property. Do NOT use the ADD MEDIA button at the bottom of the page, next to the property description box. That won't work.)

Choose the image file from your computer. (Maximum of 800K.)

For consistency and proper display on your pages, images should be 1060 pixels wide x 718 pixels tall .

If you don’t have the software to crop or resize your pictures, you can use (after you Register for Free).

Add as many photos as you want to best showcase your property. Be sure you only use photos you own or have rights to use. Avoid area attractions, theme parks, etc., to avoid potential legal action.

If you have a video, you can link to those by clicking “UPLOAD VIDEO.”
Delete the VIMEO example and insert your URL in the box provided.

If your video is in YouTube, you can get the URL under SHARE.


If the video displays too large (compared to the other images on your Property Page), you must make the original video, in YouTube smaller. Click the Settings (Gear) icon, and change the Quality to, for example, 480p, instead of 720p. That will bring the video in smaller.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.17.10 PM

If you also want your video featured at the bottom of your listing (in addition to your photo selections), add the same web address in the “Featured Video” box.

Add Location

Select your Property’s location from the LOCATION dropdown box.

In order for your property to show up on a map on its listing page, you need to add the “GPS Location” (Longitude/Latitude).

Go to this website to GET GPS settings:

Paste in the Address, just like you entered earlier, and click GET GPS COORDINATES button. (Check on the map that it shows the proper location of your property.)

Copy the numbers from the Longitude and Latitude boxes there, back into your Property listing, Longitude/Latitude.

Add Contract

Select: “Rates are Per-Night”.

Add Property Details

Enter PRICE IN (Nightly room rate). Use this format: 555/night (without “$” sign)

Enter # of Bedrooms, bath rooms, floors, as requested. If you don’t want one of the fields to show, leave it blank.

Add Agency

Under AGENCY, select the Agency you are associated with, if any. If you are not associated with an agency, select NO AGENCY.

Add Amenities

From the right-hand column, select the Amenities that fit your property. If there are important amenities that need to be added, contact

Add Property Description

Enter description in the box at the bottom of the page, right above SUBMIT PROPERTY. Do NOT use "Add Media" to insert pictures. Use UPLOAD IMAGE button above.

Include as much detail here as possible.

  • Include Nightly Rental Rate Here
  • List any special or unique amenities
  • If you have any minimum night stays.
  • Include your Contact information, including phone and email.
  • If you have another website with more information on the property you can include it, too.

NOTE:  You can include hyperlinks to open your website or pop up a new email window. Highlight the text (Web address or email address) you ant to link to before you click the Link icon.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.11.43 PM

Now, review all your information to be sure it’s accurate and spelled properly.

Submit Property, Review


Your property will be reviewed within 24 hours, and moved from DRAFT to PUBLISHED, and your property will be live, ready to be found in the search. Hopefully, you’ll receive many requests to rent your property.

Once it’s PUBLISHED, you’ll see it listed on your DASHBOARD page (link at the top of the page, after you’ve logged in). You may edit or delete the property there, if you wish. Any time you make a change, the property will revert back to DRAFT, and need to be reviewed and reset to PUBLISH again, within 24 hours.

To update YOUR information or change your password, click on LOGIN/WELCOME PAGE, after you've logged in.